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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu During my 8 years of Linux on and off usage I have tried more distros than I have chocolate bars. Each one of my previous encounters meant that I had to spend at least 2 days configuring before I have a desktop that I was somewhat comfortable with. With Ubuntu Feisty Fawn's latest test beta --for the first time ever-- this was not the case. I was up and running with all the niceties I wanted within 2 hours.
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RE: What?
by lemur2 on Sat 17th Mar 2007 11:31 UTC in reply to "What?"
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{ I am still just dumbfounded that someone could actually claim that Ubuntu is somehow easier to install AND more likely to support hardware than Windows XP/Vista.


However, to claim that Linux is "easier" to deal with than Windows Xp/Vista is just intellectually dishonest in every way.

Not at all. I have installed both OSes onto blank systems many many times.

Invariably the Windows install is far far more difficult ... even just for the bare OS install.

With a recent Linux liveCD install (such as PCLinuxOS, MEPIS or Ubuntu/Kubuntu) it takes just one (1) liveCD and perhaps 30 minutes, and you end up with a complete system plus desktop applications such as an Office suite (and it does not depend on the particular x86 system you have).

To get to the same state starting with the exact same blank system and a Windows install CD ... it will take far longer, it will require entry of many keys, several reboots and "activation" ... and you will need a lot of additional third-party CDs that are not from Microsoft, and many of them will be specific to the computer you are trying to install on. And after all that fuss you will still not have hardly any actual applications installed for all your effort.

Point out even one (1) incorrect fact in the above and you will win the prize.

Installing Linux (from nothing) is far, far easier than Windows. There is simply no question about it.

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