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Intel During his keynote address at San Francisco's Moscone Center, Otellini unveiled the company's next-generation, power-optimized micro-architecture for future digital home, enterprise, mobile, and emerging market platforms aimed at a new category of converged consumer devices.
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My speculation
by Nicholas Blachford on Tue 23rd Aug 2005 23:25 UTC
Nicholas Blachford
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...turned out to be incorrect.

Well it seem Intel have cut the "average" power not the TDP. The TDP seems to be remain in the range of the P-M range.

If they want to do an 8 core design they'll need to cut TDP in half, if they want to go to 16 cores they'll need to cut it highly aggressively.

Whenever Intel or AMD do this I fully expect my the methods I speculated on to be used.

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