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Oracle and SUN "With the release of Linux-based Xandros Server 2.0 Standard Edition, well-known Linux desktop vendor Xandros offers compatibility and other services that may give Microsoft SharePoint Server some competition. In the new server, due in April, Xandros will include Netherlands-based O3Spaces Workplace 2.0 office collaboration software. With Workplace 2.0, users will be able to use, StarOffice, and/or Microsoft Office to work on documents in commonly hosted Xandros workplaces. At the same time, Xandros claims, the system enables everyone involved in the project to track the work being done on it."
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by yorch on Sun 18th Mar 2007 13:41 UTC
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Microsoft SharePoint comes free for Windows Server 2003 ( and includes 90% of the functionality of SharePoint Server. You won't probably miss that 10% unless you are working on a really "complex" environment.

SharePoint 2007 is a really really good product and any sysadmin can have an intrantet up-and-running in a matter of hours. The built-in functionality is huge and you can always buy some add-ins for extended functionality.

Sorry, but I do not see O3Spaces as a SharePoint competitor comparing cost & functionality side-by-side.


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