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Privacy, Security, Encryption "In response to Jeff Jones' Monthly Security Scorecard I did some research on Secunia and made some statistics to answer his. Jeff's Scorecard is quite minimal in my opinion and as pointed out by some of the comments, is missing some interesting facts. These facts include the outstanding advisories, for example, and of course the amont of software installed. Since Linux installs a lot more software the numbers are a bit skewed; however, even if I only take the numbers from Secunia with regard to advisories, vulnerabilites fixed, etc., things still look quite different then on Jeff's charts."
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{ But the security design of Windows is far more sensible, consistent, and understandable from the perspective of the user. }


It is far, far easier for users to understand "run anything from anywhere at any time, without regard to security" than it is to understand execute permissions of any kind.

It is also far, far better for a software vendor to be able to run something without permission on YOUR machine ... better for the software vendor, that is, of course, not better for YOU.

Also UAC is a better model from a software vendor's perspective ... it is easier that way to then blame the users for the security shortcomings of the software vendor's software.

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