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Zeta In July 2005, OSNews reviewed the 1.0 version of what was then YellowTAB Zeta. I concluded: "I have a clear-cut impression of what Zeta R1 is: it is by far the best 'distribution' of BeOS currently available. The hardware support is, when compared to r5, significantly better. Stability-wise, Zeta R1 is a huge leap forward when compared to older versions. Some areas still need work; but they are mostly minor things, nothing that will stop you from using this operating system as your full-time, primary system." A lot has changed over the past 15 months; YellowTAB went belly-up, Magnussoft took over the development of Zeta, and to top it off, Zeta went multiuser. Not too long ago, Mangussoft released Zeta 1.5; here is my review.
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by Sparrowhawk on Mon 19th Mar 2007 20:29 UTC
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Thanks for the overview of 1.5 Thom.

A few points:

I would disagree with you on the point about what to compare it with - if one intends to use Zeta as one's primary OS then it must be compared with Windows, Linux, BSD and OSX. I see what your point is, but I think that if Zeta cannot stand on its own merits against these, then it remains a secondary OS/hobby OS for most users. Which is fine in itself if that is what is wanted.

Having to pay for DVD burning is a bit of a downer, especially given the price of getting Zeta in the first place. Again I understand why this might be (rewarding the devs!), but it could be just too much to ask. Maybe not.

"After the big ones (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD) Zeta certainly is the most viable alternative operating system."
Well, the same could be said of eComstation. It's not as pretty, but it has the WPS, OpenOffice, MySQL, Apache, fairly recent Java, etc, etc. I think that what is best is going to be very subjective, so I would have to disagree with the "certainly" you used. Users of other OS's will have their own favourites.

Other than that though, a good read with good illustrative screenshots. Thanks.

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