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X11, Window Managers "Desktop computing technology has evolved considerably since the first graphical user interface was developed by researchers at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center in 1973. Microsoft's Aero Glass, Apple's Quartz 2D Extreme, and Sun's Project Looking Glass are all poised to transform the way that users interact with computers. Also at the forefront of innovation, the Linux community has some prodigiously impressive new user interface technologies of its own. Beryl, a new open-source window manager for Linux, features compelling visual enhancements like support for transparent windows and elaborate window animations."
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RE: Name is awful
by MamiyaOtaru on Tue 20th Mar 2007 02:41 UTC in reply to "Name is awful"
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I think complaints about the name sounding like an old lady are limited mainly to the UK. Over in the US, (and anywhere non english speaking I'd wager) Beryl isn't really seen as a grandma name.

Anyway, would you complain if it was named Pearl or Ruby - also names of precious materials that happen to be stereotypical grandma names?

Obviously you don't feel this way, but when I see such names attached to a software project *especially one about bling, and one with an icon that looks like a gemstone* I think first of the gem, and the "grandma name" only comes to mind when you complain about it.

So, is it worth changing a name because people in one country (maybe some other commonwealth countries as well I suppose) associate it with old ladies instead of a gemstone?

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