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Zeta In July 2005, OSNews reviewed the 1.0 version of what was then YellowTAB Zeta. I concluded: "I have a clear-cut impression of what Zeta R1 is: it is by far the best 'distribution' of BeOS currently available. The hardware support is, when compared to r5, significantly better. Stability-wise, Zeta R1 is a huge leap forward when compared to older versions. Some areas still need work; but they are mostly minor things, nothing that will stop you from using this operating system as your full-time, primary system." A lot has changed over the past 15 months; YellowTAB went belly-up, Magnussoft took over the development of Zeta, and to top it off, Zeta went multiuser. Not too long ago, Mangussoft released Zeta 1.5; here is my review.
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RE[2]: Waiting For Haiku
by Vibe on Tue 20th Mar 2007 06:02 UTC in reply to "RE: Waiting For Haiku"
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Can't say I'm impressed by Zeta's management or the IP ownership claims. So far, the whole thing just looks like a money pit to me. Positioning Haiku as an ARB could help attract more vendor interest, as a way of routing around Windows and Linux issues.

In any case, the big problem of Microsoft's vendor contracts still exists. Banning them from lock-in, discounting, and advertising sponsership looks like the way ahead, but that requires action at a regulatory level.

I'm surprised Sony never picked up BeOS for the Playstation 3. Haiku and the Playstation 3 would go well together, and getting a company with their clout and resources behind Haiku would be useful.

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