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X11, Window Managers The Beryl project has won a lot of press time so far with its impressive tricks -- even more than its slower-evolving daddy, Compiz. There are several lose ends to Beryl's core engine and incompatibilities with existing applications or technologies. However, something that really put off a lot of people when they try Beryl is its dreadful settings manager.
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by toogreen on Tue 20th Mar 2007 10:25 UTC
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Someone mentioned an alternative program already existing to setup beryl called beryl-settings-simple. I have tried and indeed it exists. You just have to fetch it which is quite easy under Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install beryl-settings-simple

Have you tried that one Eugenia? It's quite an improvement already in terms of simplicity. What would be your comments on it? Perhaps you should criticize this one instead as an simpler setup program already exists!

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