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X11, Window Managers The Beryl project has won a lot of press time so far with its impressive tricks -- even more than its slower-evolving daddy, Compiz. There are several lose ends to Beryl's core engine and incompatibilities with existing applications or technologies. However, something that really put off a lot of people when they try Beryl is its dreadful settings manager.
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What is this so hard to figure out guys
by toogreen on Tue 20th Mar 2007 11:40 UTC
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I think this whole discussion is kind of silly really, what exactly are we arguing about here? I think both camps could be satisfied very easily:

It's simple: just make a nice, small and simple config tool as Eugenia suggested. beryl-settings-simple might not be it yet but at least it's a start, no? It could be improved from there. Then, make this simple tool the default that shows up in the System/Preferences menu. There's no need to completely get rid of the actual "beryl-settings" program, just leave it there in the system, only don't make it available from the menu. There you go, new users will find it easy to use, and advanced users will be clever enough to figure out how to access to the more complicate one from the command line. Problem solved!

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