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X11, Window Managers "Desktop computing technology has evolved considerably since the first graphical user interface was developed by researchers at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center in 1973. Microsoft's Aero Glass, Apple's Quartz 2D Extreme, and Sun's Project Looking Glass are all poised to transform the way that users interact with computers. Also at the forefront of innovation, the Linux community has some prodigiously impressive new user interface technologies of its own. Beryl, a new open-source window manager for Linux, features compelling visual enhancements like support for transparent windows and elaborate window animations."
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Performance was awful on my PC but I've no idea why. My specs are:

GeForce 6600GTS

As an example, scrolling a web page containing pure text was like running any modern operating system on an 8086. I trawled through the setting and turned off those that I thought might hurt performance. I also read the documentation to look for other settings that might slow things down. But it was simply unusable and I had to uninstall it. I don't know if this is common or specific to certain graphics cards. Should I have been using a specific NVIDIA driver?

I was disappointed - I installed it expecting something resembling (however remotely) the smooth system used in OSX. What I got was the equivalent to X running in 64k of memory.

To be honest, I'd prefer someone produce a home desktop alternative to X that was designed to support the features in Compiz/Beryl. I'm not saying I know anything about X's performance, but surely a lighter system (more like OSX' Quartz) would be effort better spent? IMO

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