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X11, Window Managers The Beryl project has won a lot of press time so far with its impressive tricks -- even more than its slower-evolving daddy, Compiz. There are several lose ends to Beryl's core engine and incompatibilities with existing applications or technologies. However, something that really put off a lot of people when they try Beryl is its dreadful settings manager.
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by k4ever on Tue 20th Mar 2007 14:18 UTC in reply to "KDE vs. GNOME"
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MrEcho, I agree. This sounds like the KDE vs. GNOME, the user is too dumb to use all these things so don't turn them on by default and make it hard to turn them on later rhetoric. I also believe that the Beryl settings manager needs to be simplified, but I don't believe that Beryl itself needs to be simplified. The code needs to be cleaned up to keep it from crashing or using too many resources, but don't take away features. I like the wobbly windows, transparencies, the cube, skydome, etc. I believe its these things that sets Beryl apart from other windows managers. If you don't like these features you can do one of two things, turn them off yourself or don't use Beryl. 'nough said.

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