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BeOS & Derivatives After a short period of development, today Vasper released a first beta of BeOS Max 4. Max is a 'distribution' of the free personal edition of BeOS R5, originally released 6 years ago by Be Inc. Vasper started working on BeOS Max long before Zeta came to life and in the years after Be closed down it was of the two actively developed systems, to other being Developer edition also based on PE. Get BeOS 5 PE Max V4 beta 1 here, a development report is viewable here.
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Haiku Connection?
by bonefish on Wed 21st Mar 2007 22:19 UTC
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Thom, is there any reason why you chose the "Haiku related" icon for the article? Besides that the legality of BeOS Max Edition is questionable (doubters should read the BeOS R5 PE License Agreement, particularly sentences 2 and 3 of the Limitations on Use section), I also see no relation to Haiku at all. I would recommend using the BeOS icon instead.

Note, that this is my personal opinion. I'm not speaking for the Haiku project.

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