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ReactOS "The ReactOS operating system has been in development for over eight years and aims to provide users with a fully functional and Windows-compatible distribution under the GPL license. ReactOS comes with its own Windows 2003-based kernel and system utilities and applications, resulting in an environment identical to Windows, both visually and internally. This talk will introduce the ReactOS project, as well as the various software engineering challenges behind it."
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RE[2]: Windows 2003-based kernel?
by UnderMine on Thu 22nd Mar 2007 13:42 UTC in reply to "Windows 2003-based kernel?"
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My understanding is ReactOS is an attempt to provide binary level compatability with Windows NT and derived systems.

This timeline shows some of the relationships :-

The timeline has not been updated in a couple of years and the current information I have on ReactOS is here :-

This is due to be merged in and I will be releasing a new version with a complete update in mid-April.


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