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OSNews, Generic OSes After a long development period, we're ready to introduce the first "release candidate" of OSNews version 4. OSN4 is a very big change for us - for years, we've worked with the mantra "We render everywhere." We are still using MySQL and PHP, like in Eugenia's OSNews v2, but with the sudden prevalence of newer web technologies, we've decided that in order to really offer the best platform for our readers, it was time to enter a brave new world. Read on for details and the link. Updated: ("read more" to see update)
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My few thoughts
by michuk on Thu 22nd Mar 2007 19:02 UTC
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- Mice comments layout/design
- AJAX used in a reasonable manner (e.g. when previewing the comment -- Nice!)
- PMs
- More RSS options
- The avatars (just uploaded one, it works! ;) )

- The design is... well, in general... it sucks. It's my private opinion of course. The colors, the fonts, well it just does cannot compare with other recently redesigned webpages like Digg or Slashdot.
- Lots pf wasted space, e.g on the top, next to the logo
- The right column is a complete mistake, it looks like it nobody took the time to actually design it.
- The general usability -- it leaves an impression of randomless: the ads and the features look the same confusing readers (perhaps it's on purpose...)
- The "Submit news!" button -- first it doesn't look like a button, second - it looks awful. Serious redesign is needed here

OK, enough for now. When I have more ideas I will submit them as well. Hope they were helpful.

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