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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu A few weeks back Dell invited ideas from the world at large about what it should put on sale - in other words, what did the so-called 'community' want? It turned out that the 'community' wanted PCs installed with GNU/Linux. But the company has done nothing afterwards. Now, we have a staunch defence of Dell's position by Mark Shuttleworth, the proprietor of Canonical which owns the Ubuntu project.
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When Microsoft got word of this they called up Michael Dell and pointed out that if he went ahead his Windows OEM discount would disappear.

They "reasoned" with him like Don Corleone...and Dell decided he did not want to sleep with the fishes!

MS will never permit a major like Dell to offer Linux in a big way, that would be the beginning of the end - they'd rather buy the company or destroy it.

Don't mistake their determination.

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