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Zeta Bernd Korz has announced that the Zeta development team and Magnussoft are parting ways [German]. The team and Bernd will continue to develop Zeta, and the service pack (Zeta v1.51) will still be released in the coming weeks.
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RE[5]: Haha
by Vibe on Fri 23rd Mar 2007 21:54 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Haha"
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I've got some more questions. Bernd slid away with a piece of paper that granted some "rights" he's been very vague to define, and the provenance of the source hasn't been confirmed. Not only that, but Yellowtab went down after swallowing several million Euros. What is the exact wording of the contract, where did the source come from, and where did the Yellowtab money go?

OS News is ways out of line with the reality of copyright law. Copyright explicity forbids any derived work (a new creation) from being distributed by a third party. While I'm sympathetic to BeOS Max, it is illegal. No grey areas. No fudging. Period.

On these issues OS News journalistic and legal integrity is hazy, and no amount of shouting from Thom or fanboy style reportage can hide that. In any case, as a potential customer, I have my doubts about Zeta's legitimacy and the owners ability to manage Zeta in a sound way that inspires personal or business confidence. Once that confidence is broken it's up to Zeta to prove itself. Where's the proof?

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