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Zeta Bernd Korz has announced that the Zeta development team and Magnussoft are parting ways [German]. The team and Bernd will continue to develop Zeta, and the service pack (Zeta v1.51) will still be released in the coming weeks.
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Some respect for hard working people please
by 0033 on Fri 23rd Mar 2007 22:25 UTC
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People, please let's not forget that although Bernd and the team have not always been very clear about what rights the have to source code they have, there has been done a lot of good work for BeOS well. Think of lot's of drivers, a couple of nice new apps and the games they got ported.

It's not all sunshine and personally I think I would have done a lot of things different, but you can not say that Bernd is only there for the money. He is one of the very few people who has to guts to transform his love for BeOS into his job, and he personally put a lot of money into yT when it started.

The development team behind Zeta are all people who want their beloved os to succeed, and I dare to say that they are all hard working individuals who are not at all interested in all the scams and dirty things they are accused of in some of the posts above.

Back then Bernd started yellowTab because he believes that there is a market for a product like BeOS today and I think that with the right management and pr and a lot of hard work there might be a place for a commercial BeOS/Zeta

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