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Zeta Bernd Korz has announced that the Zeta development team and Magnussoft are parting ways [German]. The team and Bernd will continue to develop Zeta, and the service pack (Zeta v1.51) will still be released in the coming weeks.
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Bern is innocent until proven to be guilt.
Anyway all of us can confirm that Zeta was not going to move BeOS to the next level. Maybe they don't have the source code or maybe they can't develop it further.
As far as I know some Haiku developers worked on Zeta, but I guess they cannot tell anything about this question.

I think yT and Magnussoft didn't go very well because they were not managed the right way (not that I know how to run a company), and this doesn't depend on the source code.

The question is: how Zeta could improve Haiku and make its development faster?
Haiku really needs to release R1 because this means that we have a full replacement for BeOS R5 and the Glasselevator project can be started. Even if R1 is going to be released tomorrow it will an outdated OS, but at least we'll have a chance to bring BeOS back.

I wonder what's the Zeta future. It would be great if the source code is released for public domain with a MIT-like license so Haiku can take some parts.

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