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Zeta Bernd Korz has announced that the Zeta development team and Magnussoft are parting ways [German]. The team and Bernd will continue to develop Zeta, and the service pack (Zeta v1.51) will still be released in the coming weeks.
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RE[6]: Haha
by melkor on Sat 24th Mar 2007 00:02 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Haha"
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So you are allowed to dictate what can and can't be said in a nazi style yes? Hardly seems democratic to me Mr Holwerda. In some countries in Europe it might be illegal to mention the word Nazi or Third Reich, but I believe this website is not hosted in those countries, and other countries still allow certain levels of civil liberties. You would do well to allow them. I had very little respect for you prior to the above comment, I now have no respect for you whatsoever. I don't care if I get modded down for this, it needs to be said. If you don't like my freedom of speech, tough shit.


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