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X11, Window Managers "The Compiz and Beryl teams are discussing a merger. Posts on the Compiz forum and Beryl mailing list indicate that the projects are discussing how to execute a merger and work together to deliver a single compositing window manager to give 'bling' to the Linux desktop."
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RE[2]: Another joint
by brother bloat on Sat 24th Mar 2007 20:10 UTC in reply to "Another joint"
brother bloat
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Wishful thinking, but still: imagine a desktop environment with the simplicity and well-designed interfaces we see in Gnome, but with the optional customizability we've got in KDE.

Or what about if the various distros could decide on a unified package manager? Maybe software would spread faster if it was easy to install anywhere?

Or perhaps eliminating the idea of "distros" altogether? Something like the idea described here:

for a start?

Competition is healthy; maybe it's a good thing in the long run. However, I do sometimes wonder what the open source community could accomplish if we spent just a bit less time competing with each other and instead used it to make existing software better and make new ideas a reality.

In any case, I think this merge is a small (but appreciated) step in the right direction.

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