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X11, Window Managers "The Compiz and Beryl teams are discussing a merger. Posts on the Compiz forum and Beryl mailing list indicate that the projects are discussing how to execute a merger and work together to deliver a single compositing window manager to give 'bling' to the Linux desktop."
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RE[3]: Another joint
by nzMM on Sat 24th Mar 2007 21:34 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Another joint"
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A point that made Ubuntu more successful than Debian was that Ubuntu narrowed its scope, officially focusing on a main core. If Ubuntu tries to be infinately flexible that may undermine a big part of the current formula that has brought it soo much good fortune.

So i would be wary of something that suggested allot of customisation, but perhaps a couple of checkboxes asking how you would use your PC, i.e. server, desktop, multimedia, composite etcetera could be good. Maybe even some preconfigured themes, say a half dozen, of which you can preview online and choose one to be your default post-installation.

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