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X11, Window Managers "The Compiz and Beryl teams are discussing a merger. Posts on the Compiz forum and Beryl mailing list indicate that the projects are discussing how to execute a merger and work together to deliver a single compositing window manager to give 'bling' to the Linux desktop."
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Small wonder desktop linux has never caught on, the developers just don't get it. Developers are practically tripping over themselves trying to overload linux with more and more bells and whistles and eye-candy.

But, is that stuff really what's keeping linux off the desktop? Every talk to people who have rejected the idea of linux on the desktop? I have. The reasons are always the same: "linux won't work with my winmodem", "linux won't work with my wireless card","linux won't run world-ship","linux won't run my favority game", and so on. It's never: "linux doesn't have enough cutesy-poo dancing monkeys."

I have the upmost respect for linux developers. I think linux developers are generous, and technically exceptional. But, they don't get marketing.

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