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PC-BSD PC-BSD announced that it will deliver Opera in the next version of PC-BSD. Opera will be "one less thing you need to download after installation", as Matt Olander, CTO of iXsystems puts it, to get "a more usable system" out of your PC-BSD box.
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by xTermOS on Sun 25th Mar 2007 12:59 UTC
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PC-BSD is BAD. It's just a "MSWindows-BSD" and no more. PBI is awful! Every time when you install an application all needed libraries will be installed in program's folder like it is in Win32 (C:Program FilesMyProgram). So your system has many copies of each library instead of having one in /usr/lib. Soon all your free space on a hard drive disappears. Furthermore, PBI-packages are much larger than 'deb','rpm' or 'tar.bz2', and it's difficult to download them. And of course I hate the look of PBI-installer.
I think that DesktopBSD is much better then PC-BSD.

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