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Mono Project In a recent interview with the online edition of the Austrian daily Newspaper Der Standard, Mono project-lead Miguel de Icaza pleads for a cooperation between Mono and Microsoft's .Net: "I think that the deal should include a technical Mono/.NET collaboration, and even go as far as Microsoft recommending Mono for all of their developers looking at migration."
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Go Miguel! Rant warning.
by JohnAsh on Sun 25th Mar 2007 20:08 UTC
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Miguel is like Linus - TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN! I love them for that.
Mono rocks, there is no question about it. Java on linux - well, since it is GPL now, there is still hope, but there is a huge hill to climb for java to be any good for the linux desktop. This far, it has only been a detriment, a big time-sink. (kaffe, gcj, ugly homemade mismatched gtk-themes for java) (Note that I am not mentioning java server apps. Java rocks on linux for that.)

But Mono+C#+Gtk# is a mix of GPL, LGPL, MIT Licence, Ecma can't get any better than that. Meanwhile everyone just poured their love over Java, a severely locked in language before the GPL. Because Sun is somehow "good" for "us". ("Us" being the collective unix/linux-geekdom.)

The politics and business deals around OSS platforms are important, and Microsoft is a company that is much more selfish than many other. (They all are, Sun, Google, MS, Redhat.. MS is just so much better at it, making them scary and untrustworthy).

But any patent that MS can threaten Mono with, they could just as well threaten ANY other runtime with, it being parrot, kaffe, the jvm.

And in any case, if you still think Mono+C# is a bad bet, why ALL THE F*CKI'N hate? Grow up people! The long and short of it is that Miguel rocks, and there is a big chance that you don't.

(For the record, I rock too.)

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