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Mono Project In a recent interview with the online edition of the Austrian daily Newspaper Der Standard, Mono project-lead Miguel de Icaza pleads for a cooperation between Mono and Microsoft's .Net: "I think that the deal should include a technical Mono/.NET collaboration, and even go as far as Microsoft recommending Mono for all of their developers looking at migration."
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RE: Maybe more supprises to come?
by kaiwai on Sun 25th Mar 2007 23:31 UTC in reply to "Maybe more supprises to come?"
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As for wanting MS to tell developers to use Mono for cross platform development, the guy must be hallucinating. MS does not want cross platform developers, they want to tie you to they're platform. End of story.

That is definitely 100% true - just wait till Microsoft starts prancing through the Mono developer community demanding royalties and payments for those not running their software on the Novell Linux platform.

The licence agreement between Novell and Microsoft, is just that, a licence agreement between them, and only them, it does not cover the whole Linux or opensource community - which is what Miguel is some how trying to lay claim to.

Mono is still the same licence and patent riddled mess it was last year and the year before, the only difference is that only Novell customers are going to be spared the wrath of Microsoft - for all those who aren't Novell customers, I would think long and hard about whether the risk of getting sued into an early grave is worth the risk in the long run for so-called perfect portability which doesn't exist.

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