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X11, Window Managers "The Compiz and Beryl teams are discussing a merger. Posts on the Compiz forum and Beryl mailing list indicate that the projects are discussing how to execute a merger and work together to deliver a single compositing window manager to give 'bling' to the Linux desktop."
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I also agree with your post. Saying that Compiz/beryl is crap because it doesn't work with everything is wrong.


That is not what I am saying and never has been. Please quote where I said that your pet project^W^W^WCompiz/Beryl is crap because it doesn't work with everything.

I am saying that the ability to run it on their own hardware weighs in heavily to people who do not happen to be loyal devotees of Linux/Compiz/Beryl.

I am also saying that on the several machines that I have tried them on, each with different distributions, versions, and video chipsets, they both have been buggy.

Based upon that, I conclude that it is too early to claim victory as some want to do. That is my point. Nothing more and nothing less.

I suspect that the Compiz/Beryl developers, as opposed to certain overzealous fans, would actually agree with me on that; Which is why they are working so hard to make the software better.

Certain fans of every project seem to have trouble understanding that there might be a middle ground in which constructive criticism can live, in between the realms of "unconditional support" and "frontal attack".

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