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Novell and Ximian "Whatever the reasons behind the formation of the Microsoft-Novell technology partnership announced last year, it's helping Novell SuSE Linux gain at Red Hat's expense, according to a research study due out next month. The Yankee Group 2007 Global Server Hardware and Server OS Survey says that Novell's SuSE Linux is 'mounting a serious threat to Red Hat's heretofore unassailable dominance in the Linux market'."
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SUSE Will Ccontinue to Grow
by gregk on Mon 26th Mar 2007 22:47 UTC
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The community may not be happy with the "deal" that Novell signed onto, but based on all you've read, do you honestly believe they give a rat's deriere about what the community thinks? Not for a minute do they care about what the community thinks, they only care about being able to penerate the market better than Red Hat.

And guess what, the market they are trying to penetrate doesn't give a rat's deriere either about what the community thinks. They just don't want to be sued, that's it-that's all.

So looking to the future, I it seems pretty clear to me that despite the fact that Laura Didio is a terrible analyst, and the data she used to surmise this is very suspect, I think she is right on this one.

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