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Microsoft "The word 'intense' was invented for Ballmer, who met with us in a green room that had a paper sign with his name taped to the door. While he was at first warm and engaging, a question about security features shifted his mood. His eyes, soft when he smiles, grew dark. The usually boisterous Ballmer became unexpectedly quiet and soon exited the room without saying goodbye. Still, he had a lot to say to SmartMoney senior writer Dyan Machan before he did."
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RE[4]: What a dweeb!
by Umbra on Tue 27th Mar 2007 06:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: What a dweeb!"
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You realize there's an enormous difference between having the lead and having a presence. I would consider 2-3% to be a presence, just not a very big one.

Yes there certainly is a big difference:

Q4 2006 revenues:
Microsoft: 12,5 billion USD 100%
Apple: 7,1 billion USD 57%

Market shares (according to your post)
Microsoft: 96%
Apple: 2-3%

So, out of 32 times the Apple market share, Microsoft only manage to squeeze 76% more revenue out that share.

If I where at a Banker I would say:

1) surely, Microsoft's business model is suffering. They will end up pretty much as a "supplier of components for refrigerators"

1.1) they have no influence on how the refrigerator actually look in peoples homes (design)

1.2) they are not the "Main Brand" and they cannot control how the refrigerator is marketed and branded. Lack of influence and leadership effects.

1.3) and they might be forced out of the market since their business model is lacking so much compared with Apple´s business model.

Apple is getting 32 times more out of each market share.

As a banker I would say: sell !

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