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Amiga & AROS "Hyperion Entertainment and ACube Systems are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership following a recent two day meeting of representatives of both companies in Brussels, Belgium. Within the framework of the partnership ACube will act as a worldwide distributor of Hyperion's Amiga OS 4.0 operating system for a range of PPC hardware platforms including AmigaOne (MicroA1, SE/XE) and Classic Amiga. More details regarding the companies' strategic partnership will be announced shortly."
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RE[5]: Amiga OS4
by -pekr- on Tue 27th Mar 2007 06:57 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Amiga OS4"
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please, go and read your answers once again - "already in other operating systems", "KDE will have" ..., because the thing is, that we are talking features available to miggy some 13 years before, when Windows was still what - 16bit? :-)

You have to be also kidding about "boots in 10secs with half or functionality?" Such statement alone makes your message nearly not valuable enough to reply to, sorry.

It is some 10 years I don't own Amiga anymore. But - after using some system for quite some time, you will get it under your skin and feel the difference. Not speaking of amiga particularly, it is like that with each system. I am not sure you've got any valuable OS experience with A500? No A1200, hd, os 3.x?

Other factors I liked was OS dynamic nature. I do remember, that "drivers" were stored in one directory, mounted in nice way - content of directory was dynamically generated into runnable file, which was copied to ram-disk, and just run. Drivers are user-space task - you can start them, stop them.

What I still can see as nice feature of AmigaOS of the past and present, is also locale system. I don't know other OSes much, but surely Windows is the dumbest system here. On Amiga, it was typical for an app, to come up with 10+ languages initially. Localisation was system-wide feature ...

Look, I am realistic. AmigaOS, no matter what, is simply outdated OS, missing mainly in security field, but also others. But that does not mean I don't remember claims of today's gurus like Linus, who in reaction to BeOS stated something like - "who needs multimedia". Look at what architecture Linux was initially, and what it is today and how it evolved. Well, evolved, because it never was revolutionary, whereas Amiga was - kudos to Amiga designers ...


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