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GNU, GPL, Open Source The third discussion draft of GPL version 3 is scheduled for release at 7 a.m. PDT on Wednesday, Brett Smith, a licensing compliance engineer for the Free Software Foundation said in a mailing list posting Monday. The current GPL 2 governs the rights and restrictions of many open-source and free-software projects, including high-profile ones such as the Linux kernel, Java and MySQL database. A 'last-call' draft is due 60 days after the third discussion draft, and the final GPL 3 will arrive 30 days after that, Smith said.
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by cjcox on Tue 27th Mar 2007 22:04 UTC
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1. This license can be applied except in circumstances where:

a. Your company's name starts with 'N' and/or ends in 'll'.

b. Your company's logo is a single letter (e.g. a red 'N').

c. An agent of your company has been within 20 feet of anyone working for a company within a 10 mile radius of Seattle, WA (e.g. Redmond)

You may apply for a special exemption specifically from Richard Stallman of the FSF, but only if he's wearing a disk platter on his head at the time of the application.

2. If you own a patent, deal with patents, or can even spell the word patent, you may not use this license at all, in fact you are not to read it... stop reading here.... (thanks).

3. If you use cryptography, encryption or anything else related to digital rights management, you cannot use the terms of this license unless you give us the keys for your access.

4. XEmacs sucks. It just does. They used my code without permission. They're evil. Don't use it.

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