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Windows "Microsoft's claim of 20 million Vista licenses sold simply doesn't add up when trying to assess who realistically bought them in the time frame - 'in the opening month' - stated in today's press release. Further, the press release claims that 'Windows Vista made a splash in its debut'. What kind of Kool-Aid are they drinking up there in Redmond? Who spiked the Windows Vista-logo soda cans?"
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20 million sounds right to me...
by SpasmaticSeacow on Wed 28th Mar 2007 13:13 UTC
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That number reflects the number of Vista licenses "shipped". It includes OEMs that purchase in bulk, upgrade coupons given to people that recently purchased a PC with XP, and licenses sent to enterprise customers that automatically receive software upgrades on a periodic schedule.

20 million is not only believable, but it's shockingly low in my opinion.

The problem is that too many people make a foolish leap into concluding that the number of licenses sold reflects on demand or user base. It simply doesn't. Just becuase business X receives the license doesn't mean that they'll use/resell it immediately (if ever).

Microsoft will automatically sell 20 million licenses of anything they release by default because of prior agreements with OEMs and enterprise customers to provide it. If they re-released MS-DOS, they'd still ship that many licenses - even if not a single copys ever got installed.

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