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Apple Apple's new Apple TV runs a modified version of the Mac OS X operating system that hackers have already managed to extract and boot on an Intel-based MacBook and an external USB drive., a website documenting the various Apple TV hacks, has posted photos and a video of the Apple TV system software running on a 13-inch Apple MacBook. Ars reviewed the Apple TV.
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RE: As usual
by jcgf on Wed 28th Mar 2007 17:33 UTC in reply to "As usual"
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Let's see... C7 miniITX mainboard w/cpu $140, 512 megs PC3200 $35, 320 gig SATA hdd $80, MiniITX 'book' case w/PICO inverter - $120... so yeah, $375 using off the shelf parts for double the RAM and eight times the disk space.

You could do that, but if you do I hope the C7s are better than the C3s. I had a 533MHz 6000 and it wasn't even comparable to a celeron at the same clock speed. The only advantage of the board was the size. You can almost always buy parts and build something yourself for cheaper than you can buy it whole, but only if your time is worthless.

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