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Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems has launched a new business unit to sell its Sparc processors, a return to an idea it had dropped years ago. David Yen, currently executive vice president of storage but previously in charge of Sun's Sparc work, will lead the new group and retain his executive VP status, the company said Thursday.
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RE[3]: SPARC's dead Jim
by crystall on Wed 28th Mar 2007 20:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: SPARC's dead Jim"
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Do not assume that Intel sold Xscale to Marvell as a way of exiting the embedded market place. It was not that. It was a way of of exiting the ARM business so that they could concentrate their embedded strategy on their own low power chips, as they've recently announced.

As it is now Intel went from a minor presence in the embedded market to being not present at all. I don't think that they will manage to re-enter the market with low-power x86 processor because they lack the features needed by embedded designs (just look at how many components are integrated into modern embedded processors) and cost way too much to be competitive.

To be frank, Intel is used to the high-margin desktop/server segment where they do exceptionally well, the embedded market has razor-thin margins even in the high-end so I don't see how they could justify developing lines of processors for it or even simply trying to focus on it with their investors.

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