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Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems has launched a new business unit to sell its Sparc processors, a return to an idea it had dropped years ago. David Yen, currently executive vice president of storage but previously in charge of Sun's Sparc work, will lead the new group and retain his executive VP status, the company said Thursday.
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RE[5]: SPARC's dead Jim
by crystall on Wed 28th Mar 2007 20:59 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: SPARC's dead Jim"
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The similarity was that both companies were in the processor design business with far too small budgets and far too small of a chip run to justify the R&D. The C300 was done on 10% of the budget of a typical Intel turn and the corner cutting that required showed up in the product being not competitive.

Sun is not in the processor design business, they don't sell processors, they sell systems, services and lately even software. Processor design is only part of their operations and it the last few years they have differentiated and are now in a much better situation than in the past where they were entirely reliant on their offerings. That said this announcement shows that they are willing to sell their in-house processors to external customers not that they are betting the company on processor design alone. On the contraray there is no mention that they will increase their focus on processor design, lately they have been working on designs which have inherently a lower development cost than more traditional processors and they probably hope to be able to sell them to third parties instead of using them exclusively.

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