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Linux "The idea that Linux is primarily a community-based project based on the work of thousands of independent, idealist hackers died a quiet death at home on March 27th. The proximate cause of death was the Linux Foundation's naming of its new board of directors. This leading non-profit Linux organization's board included many Fortune 500 executives from around the world - but not one representative from a purely community-based Linux organization."
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Proprietary Drivers
by llanitedave on Thu 29th Mar 2007 05:14 UTC
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I think the hubbub about proprietary drivers is a non-issue. Sure, I'd like to see them replaced with open-sourced ones. But somebody has to write them first.

When good open-source drivers become available, they get adopted. Until then, proprietary drivers can serve.

Didn't even RMS write his first Free emacs using proprietary software?

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