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Apple About one year ago, I sold my iBook G4 in order to buy the then upcoming MacBook. Due to an unexpected change of plans (I moved to a new house), that MacBook never reached my desk; I still really missed having a Mac around. Now, almost a year later, I am again back on Mac. So, what did I buy? A sleek black MacBook? An all-powerful Intel PowerMac quad-core? No. David, OSNews' owner, sent me his G4 Cube.
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I just bought one myself
by Wondercool on Thu 29th Mar 2007 16:59 UTC
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What a coincidence, I just bought one myself.

Never used a Mac before and this was a great (read cheap) opportunity. The Cube still has to arrive from the US.

I was thinking about making it some sort of home/file server.

A couple of newbie Apple Cube questions:
- Is it easy to replace the 20gb disk with something more modern. And can the cube accommodate 2 drives?
- Will the Airport slot take only Apple stuff?

@laurence: I certainly hope the cube is reliable, else it's no good as a server ;)

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