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Linux "The idea that Linux is primarily a community-based project based on the work of thousands of independent, idealist hackers died a quiet death at home on March 27th. The proximate cause of death was the Linux Foundation's naming of its new board of directors. This leading non-profit Linux organization's board included many Fortune 500 executives from around the world - but not one representative from a purely community-based Linux organization."
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RE[2]: Proprietary Drivers
by llanitedave on Fri 30th Mar 2007 02:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Proprietary Drivers"
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"I think the hubbub about proprietary drivers is a non-issue. Sure, I'd like to see them replaced with open-sourced ones. But somebody has to write them first.

Yeaah...Kinda hard without documentation, though, which is another thing vendors often refuse to provide. Not impossible, but hard.

Didn't even RMS write his first Free emacs using proprietary software?

Again, yeeaah, but remember: back then, RMS was just some "certifiable Communist nobody loon". Indeed some people still think he is (those that don't matter, anyway). To get people to create FOSS drivers you have to have leverage, in the form of dangling marketshare in front of them. Not everyone is an idealist, and indeed business people, from what I've seen, tend not to be."

I agree with you. I think having a strong business presence, though, is a step in the right direction. Sooner or later some hardware manufacturer will realize that it's in their best interest to provide that kind of documentation. It's already begun, I believe.

I think the drivers will come. I may disagree with that "certifiable Communist nobody loon" about some of the details, but his inspiration is on the right track -- and we moderates really do fare better when there are some extremists in the trenches on our behalf.

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