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Microsoft Software behemoth Microsoft could be one of the biggest losers from proposed license changes to the Linux operating system unveiled Wednesday. That's a possible outcome of updates to the license pushed by the FSF. The FSF wants to make mutually exclusive pacts such as the Novell-Microsoft open-source agreement a violation of the next iteration of the GNU GPL, the license that governs Linux use. "It is unfortunate that the FSF is attempting to use the GPLv3 to prevent future collaboration among industry leaders to benefit customers," said Horacio Gutierrez, Microsoft's vice president of intellectual property and licensing.
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{ But you really stretch my mind when you declare that Microsoft is conspiring to NOT do something. It'd be like my wanting a sandwich and claiming that my roommate is "deliberately" not making me one because he's sitting there doing his homework. }

I don't want my roommate to make my sandwich, I just want him to stop bitching whenever I make my own sandwich. I'd also like him to tell me if he has any particular dietary requirements so that I can make sandwiches that we both can eat.

Apparently, he would like to ban me from our shared kitchen, just because he knows I am fully capable of making sandwiches.

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