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Windows As momentum grows around its new Windows Home Server line, which is due for release towards the end of this year, Microsoft is looking to keep the love flowing with its hardware partners, software developers and end users alike. Joel Sider, Senior Program Manager for Windows Home Server, told APC that the company intends to release a software development kit for the platform early next month.
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RE: Am I missing something?
by Luminair on Fri 30th Mar 2007 15:27 UTC
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You guys are wondering where this product fits in, and I'm wondering why you don't see where it fits in.

How many Windows users are there in the home compared to Linux users? Did you all forget those statistics?

Every dad with a Windows PC will understand how to admin a WHS box, because it is blindly easy and it looks just like Windows.

Every son with a Windows PC will know how to build a WHS box with old computer parts, thus creating the first in a long line of home servers he and his family will use.

It is only a matter of time before every connected home has a fault-tolerant home file and app server. Users are amassing more data over time, not less. And while hard drive space is becoming next to free, hard drives themselves keep breaking as fast as ever, and people keep ruining their computers with malware.

A home server that automatically backs up and restores every PC, stores all important data, and allows remote access to that data. If you don't see a market for that you must be related to the guys at IBM who thought computers would never have a place in the home.

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