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Windows As momentum grows around its new Windows Home Server line, which is due for release towards the end of this year, Microsoft is looking to keep the love flowing with its hardware partners, software developers and end users alike. Joel Sider, Senior Program Manager for Windows Home Server, told APC that the company intends to release a software development kit for the platform early next month.
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Who really needs this?
by jello on Fri 30th Mar 2007 17:40 UTC
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I get the impression MS is trying to create a market where there is none.

Most home users are just getting used to wireless at home.

This said they buy a wireless router/firewall which comes with Ethernet connections and connect it with their notebooks (wireless).

Need a file server ?
There are nice storage devices with Ethernet, just connect it to the router.

Need a scanner ?
Create scanners with a ethernet connection and connect it to the router.

Need a printer ?
Hook up a printer with a ethernet connection and connect it to the router.

Finally create easy to use software (drivers) to connect them easily to any computer running Windows, Linux, OSX etc.


Normally people that use computers at home use it for their e-mail, images etc. and are not computer geeks.

They have already enough to do to keep Windows XP Home up and running, they don't need another device with Windows on it (or any other OS).

IMO there is no need for a home server at all.

With ethernet every device can be connected to the router and work with every desktop or notebook in a home network.

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