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GNU, GPL, Open Source "There are both popular and unpopular ways of circumventing the Free Software Foundation's General Public License. A very unpopular method, we've come to find out, is via promises of patent protection for users of specific software. However, if you're looking to leverage Free Software without completely fulfilling the requirements of the license, a better method would be to exploit the software as a service loophole, which the latest draft of the GPL3 just legalized."
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GPL3 is not GPL2
by JPisini on Fri 30th Mar 2007 19:18 UTC
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Just because they release the GPL3 does not mean it is automatically going to switch everything from GPL2 to it. There are many things like the Linux kernel that say they are only released under 2 so the author would have to decide to allow it to be changed or not. The other thing is just because 3 is released doesn't mean people can't still use 2, if I release new software a year from now I can still choose to use 2 if I want. People may wish to talk to a lawyer before using any loopholes.

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