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Window Managers The third (and final) release candidate for Fluxbox 1.0 has been released not too long ago. "This release has lots of new feature and lots of bug fixes. More extended window manager hints support, support for mouse buttons in keys file, language updates and much more." More information is in the changelog.
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RE: Good stuff
by Gimmeapill on Sat 31st Mar 2007 16:27 UTC in reply to "Good stuff"
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Interesting info, what version of the HMC is it ? I don't remember seing FB on the P5 HMC that i could briefly get my hands on, but something all java based IIRC.
Wasn't Flux pushed on the HMC because of perf issues ?
I think I've read somewhere in a red book that it can become pretty sluggish when the number of managed servers increase past a certain treshold, but i cannot find back where exactly..

Still, FB has been my WM of choice for a few years, even on a modern computer. I'm very pleased to see it's maintained and evolves all the way to 1.0, even if it has never been unstable or too buggy for me.

I would definitely enjoy having a matching sleek looking file manager at my right click (like Explorer in BBlean -

but meanwhile, i can only recommend as a good companion the excellent Xfe, which is also about to reach the gold status:

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