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BeOS & Derivatives "With Haiku getting closer and closer to an R1 release I think it is time for little review on the achievements of the development team in the last months. Haiku is being covered on various websites and blogs lately especially after attending SCaLE and the already famous tech talk at Google. But although it might seem that Haiku is only weeks away from the so important first release there is still a lot of work that has to be done, networking being the biggest." More here.
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hobbiest OS, Haiku?
by macisaac on Sun 1st Apr 2007 13:34 UTC
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That's actually what I'd be interested in at this point, something divorced from "enterprise readiness", wide ranging commercial aspirations, delusions (or realities) of world domination, exclusive cliquishness, high price tags, or some deeply entrenched liberation ideology and all the other things that circle the big name OSes of today.

It's not that I don't like the big name OSes, but they've all lost that charm of an OS which exists purely for the fun of it. Linux is my day job, and when that happens, it ceases to be as "fun" as before for a number of folk, not to mention my current insistence on (largely) divorcing my work life from my home and otherwise life. Windows makes a decent home machine for writing papers on and playing games, but how many people really think of Windows as being "fun" in and of itself? Macs, yeah, still a niche of sorts, but I have issues there too.

What I'd like to play with is an OS which is through and through hobbiest. Something that fun to mess around with, but with no real hopes of ever being something you'd see in a corporate office. No politics, just good enjoyment. It'd help if it works on my hardware of course, and there has to be somewhat of a selection of apps (preferably ones that exclusive to said platform), but technical perfection is far from necessary. Could Haiku eventually fit the bill?

(for some reason I'm reminded of the Coleco ADAM, a system I didn't own but admired at the time (had a friend who was really into it.) the machine never got really popular, but even to this day there are still folks trying to keep the things chugging, again, just for the fun of an underdog platform they enjoy messing around with and playing on)

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