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Novell and Ximian "Nat Friedman has been one of the driving forces behind the development of the Linux desktop for a few year now. First with his own company Ximian, founded together with Mono chief architect Miguel de Icaza, after its acquisition now inside Novell. A few months ago he has been named 'Technologist of the Year' by the VarBusiness magazine for his work around the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Since then he has been promoted to Chief Technology and Strategy Officer for Open Source, besides the desktop he is also overseeing Novells server business now. During Novells Brainshare Andreas Proschofsky had the possibility to sit down with Friedman and talk about the Linux desktop, the consequences of the Microsoft agreement and the mistakes of the Hula project."
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by milles21 on Sun 1st Apr 2007 23:26 UTC in reply to "Tracker"
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It amazes me half ass contributors always are quick to bad mouth people who are actually contributing. What I am saying is that it's like no one can have a damn opinion without being tore down. the same people who tear down Nat and Miguel conviently forget their contributions. I know I have opened the flood gates but damn I mean the bitching is old.

Liniux borrows features from other OS's nad it's an alternative. Let a closed source OS copy something Linux and it's oh the are copying not contributing. Since I know I will get the flames I am going to all out rant. What Linux needs is innovation and piublicity something that Nat and Novell has given. It is because of Novell and Linux that a whole new door has been open to end users. They may not know Redhat but they know Novell.

The introduction of beagle, and advances made Linux easier to use with the new sled menu. I guess I will stick to opensourcing the applications I develop and stay away from the community disputes it only destroys my belief in the benefits

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