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Novell and Ximian "Nat Friedman has been one of the driving forces behind the development of the Linux desktop for a few year now. First with his own company Ximian, founded together with Mono chief architect Miguel de Icaza, after its acquisition now inside Novell. A few months ago he has been named 'Technologist of the Year' by the VarBusiness magazine for his work around the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Since then he has been promoted to Chief Technology and Strategy Officer for Open Source, besides the desktop he is also overseeing Novells server business now. During Novells Brainshare Andreas Proschofsky had the possibility to sit down with Friedman and talk about the Linux desktop, the consequences of the Microsoft agreement and the mistakes of the Hula project."
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Enterprises do care about desktops. The proof is that Novell was force to reinstate KDE as a desktop choice in its enterprise distribution after it announced that it was no longer going to support it.

Do you think Suse made this decision out of the kindness of its sweet corporate heart?

KDE is what made Suse popular in Europe and KDE is what everyone runs over here.

Red Hat has no desktop presence and is largely irrelevant in that space. And SLED has at best an equal share of KDE/Gnome users, in spite of the fact that Gnome is the default desktop. Want numbers? Ask Miguel or Nat and if they are honest, they will tell you exactly what I am telling you.

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