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OSNews, Generic OSes "The server operating system wars never seem to slow down. Last week it was Red Hat's turn with the announcement of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, which incorporates the Xen open source hypervisor. Naturally there's also the endless market speculation about the final feature set and likely arrival date of Windows Server 2007. And then there's Solaris, which with its nice value-add features like DTrace and its new status as open source software is making something of a comeback, it seems."
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RE[2]: Really Meaningless
by Laurence on Mon 2nd Apr 2007 11:45 UTC in reply to "RE: Really Meaningless "
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....But all has to do with, what I keep saying, the Oracle mystic; the same mystic that makes people buy Microsoft's products; there is nothing exactly great about the product, they don't actually *need* it as there are cheaper alternatives, but it makes them feel good that they're using a tool from what they deem 'the winning team'....

I'm not so sure that's the main reason people turn to MS or Oracle products. I think the main reason companies turn to these products is simply because they base their marketing on:
a) compatibility, and
b) support.

While Iím not denying that other solutions are just as valid as MS / Oracle - when you have trained consultants, dedicated forums and hundreds of publications dedicated to the set up, maintenance and debugging of these systems, it does ease corporate minds that their product wont (shouldn't) fail, regardless of how good they are in a market comparison.

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