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Novell and Ximian "Nat Friedman has been one of the driving forces behind the development of the Linux desktop for a few year now. First with his own company Ximian, founded together with Mono chief architect Miguel de Icaza, after its acquisition now inside Novell. A few months ago he has been named 'Technologist of the Year' by the VarBusiness magazine for his work around the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Since then he has been promoted to Chief Technology and Strategy Officer for Open Source, besides the desktop he is also overseeing Novells server business now. During Novells Brainshare Andreas Proschofsky had the possibility to sit down with Friedman and talk about the Linux desktop, the consequences of the Microsoft agreement and the mistakes of the Hula project."
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My experience with Nat...
by SReilly on Mon 2nd Apr 2007 11:52 UTC
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dates back to 1999 or 2000 at a Linux expo in Dublin, Ireland. I don't know what the guy was on, but he could not seem to stop a torrent of almost incomprehensible babble from poring forth for about 30 minutes strait. What I did understand was that, as far as he could tell, MS was trying to "take over" the internet and that we should all be ever vigilant when dealing with the wolf (ironic, ain't it? ;-).He then went on to praise Miguel in all his glory for a further 5 minutes(!?!) at which point, the drugs must have warn off as he started not only to slow down, but also realize that no one in the crowd had any real idea WTF he was talking about. It's fair to say that already at this stage, he was no longer a happy camper.

Just as suddenly, it was questions time. Taking my chances, I ask him where he got the idea that MS wanted to "take over" the internet to which he replied that he had heard all this from a very trustworthy source, namely Miguel (again, how ironic!). When I asked Nat, not just slightly rhetorically, who the hell Miguel is, he literally gasped out loud as if I had uttered some form of blaspheme.

Taking all that into account, as well as the fact that he's not very good at expressing himself (although I doubt he realizes this), I found myself very much put off by what, at the time, seemed like a jumped up, arrogant and ignorant man. Looks like first impressions are not always wrong.

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