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Novell and Ximian "Nat Friedman has been one of the driving forces behind the development of the Linux desktop for a few year now. First with his own company Ximian, founded together with Mono chief architect Miguel de Icaza, after its acquisition now inside Novell. A few months ago he has been named 'Technologist of the Year' by the VarBusiness magazine for his work around the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. Since then he has been promoted to Chief Technology and Strategy Officer for Open Source, besides the desktop he is also overseeing Novells server business now. During Novells Brainshare Andreas Proschofsky had the possibility to sit down with Friedman and talk about the Linux desktop, the consequences of the Microsoft agreement and the mistakes of the Hula project."
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RE[2]: Some Interesting Bits
by Jamie on Mon 2nd Apr 2007 15:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Some Interesting Bits"
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Tracker is a lot lot faster and lighter than beagle and does not slow your machine down while indexing.

Search time average is 20 milliseconds and we can index over 100 text files per second - you wont find a (significantly) faster indexer.

We have had reports of tracker running well on a 700MHz pentium III with 128 MB ram so its by far the better system if you want to run it on all kinds of systems

Its architecturally superior to Lucene (tracker is a differential indexer so can handle changes to files better than Lucene which must delete and reindex after every minor change) and is better optimised for desktop usage.

AFAIK its the only indexer with an RDF triple store integrated so is the only one that can currently deliver an integrated desktop solution that spans all metadata. When Beagle has a triple store then we can compare features with tracker.

The notion that tracker is way behind beagle is simply not true.

We do virtually all the same file formats beagle does.
We do Evolution Emails (in svn)
We do Gaim Logs (in svn shortly)
We do Application Files

We will be adding our external services support over Easter which will allow third party apps to act as indexers for tracker (and we have patches for Tomboy notes and Liferea already done - they just need to be integrated)

Also there's a GNOME SoC to make Epiphany use tracker to store all its bookmarks and history.

So i think we reaching a point where we are very close to what Beagle does. On the metdata database front we are way ahead of them as we have:

1) highly optimised triple store
2) Ability to cross query indexer and triple store
3) RDF Query implementation for powerful searches
4) No duplication of metadata in triple store and indexer (unlike Lucene our indexer does not store any metadata and is metadata agnostic so can scale better)

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