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Apple This morning, Apple and EMI announced the availabilty of DRM-free music in the iTunes Music Store. DRM-free songs will feature a higher audio quality (256kbps), and will cost USD/EUR 1.29 per song. They also announced that they are working on getting The Beatles' music in the iTMS.
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RE[3]: So it begins...
by Jesuspower on Mon 2nd Apr 2007 19:55 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: So it begins..."
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No one wants to understand basic economics. They only want cheap as free, and more money, regardless of the cost, or even if their actions cause the money they do have to devalue.

For instance: Minimum wage, and free universal health care.
1. Do they honestly think that with minimum wage, small shops can hire people and grow?
2. Do they think that the government has unlimited funds to throw around, without raising taxes on businesses?
3. Do they think that Apple does not have to pay oodles of money to very good lawyers to keep the bureaucratic nuts away from them, and not offset those costs by having the cost of products overseas more expensive. Do they think that Apple has no taxes to pay other than applying a VAT when overseas?
Dealing internationally cost money. Lots of it. I know. I work for a company that deals internationally. And our the prices of our products overseas reflect that cost.
But no one ever wants to hear that. THey just stick their head in the sand and whine about how not fair stuff is.

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