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Apple This morning, Apple and EMI announced the availabilty of DRM-free music in the iTunes Music Store. DRM-free songs will feature a higher audio quality (256kbps), and will cost USD/EUR 1.29 per song. They also announced that they are working on getting The Beatles' music in the iTMS.
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RE[5]: So it begins...
by Jesuspower on Mon 2nd Apr 2007 23:32 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: So it begins..."
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Maybe Europe is exempt from the effects of minimum wage, but it does have effects.
There is a reason for the high cost of living after all.
And I have been eyewitness to its effects. When I lived in NYC, it was a bit harder to see, but now that I am in a small town, the negative effects are very obvious. When the minimum wage was raised in Mass, my girlfriend had her hours cut. A few people where she worked were fired. She made less money with a higher payrate per hour.
When minimum wage was raised in Florida, my college did not disappear. It raised the tuition! Many students from other states could not afford the increase, and had to skip a semester. My girlfriend had to take out a loan. I had my hours cut to 2 days a week (Worked for a small computer shop). There are countless other stories I can tell, but I will let you google those.

Maybe you may want to read some about minimum wage to see how it affects people. Even Wikipedia mentions it associated with a higher cost of living, in the UK.

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